Security Management Software

Security Management Software not only protects against logical attacks including ATM jackpotting but combined with TMD Security hardware, also protects against skimming, card fraud and physical attacks.

Included in this pack are the following modules:

  • Security Kit Monitoring
  • Profile Management
  • Access Management
  • ATM Fraud Detection and Response

Security Kit Monitoring

Security Kit Monitoring provides a ‘’one look’’ instant dashboard view of all the security kits on your ATM network and the security status of your ATMs.

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Access Management

Access Management protects against unauthorised software and malware, including jackpotting attacks.

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Profile Management

Profile Management helps to prevent logical attacks by detecting hardware and software changes.

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ATM Fraud Detection & Response

ATM Fraud Detection provides instant intelligence into suspicious ATM transactions and helps to stop criminals in action. ATM Fraud Detection compares pre-defined business rules with actual transactions. If suspicious activity is detected, either the ATM can be shut down or the card can be blocked.

Dispenser Protection

Criminal activity, such as cutting a hole in the fascia, or disconnecting the dispenser from the PC core, can trigger Dispenser Protection.

Dispenser Protection uses pre-defined business rules, according to the deployer’s priorities and requirements, to cut the power to the dispenser for a period of time so that a fraudulent withdrawal or jackpotting attack are not possible until further investigations have been made.

Attached files

Tms Datasheet Security Management Software